गमगीन होकर Shashi Kapoor के Funeral पर पहुंचे Amitabah सहित Bollywood के कई Celebs

Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor, who starred in over 100 films, died in Mumbai on Monday. He was 79 and had been battling a kidney ailment. The funeral is expected to take place at noon today in the city.Kapoor, a three-time winner at India’s National Film Awards, is survived by his three children – Sanjana, Kunal and Karan. His wife, English actress Jennifer Kendal, died in 1984. He was part of what became known as Bollywood’s first family, son of Prithviraj Kapoor and two brothers who were also leading men: Raj, who died in 1988, and Shammi who died in 2011. The last rites of the veteran actor Shashi Kapoor were held at Santacruz Hindu crematorium on Tuesday noon. The actor was honoured with a three gun salute in the presence of family and film fraternity members.

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43 thoughts on “गमगीन होकर Shashi Kapoor के Funeral पर पहुंचे Amitabah सहित Bollywood के कई Celebs”

  1. Aise aise actor aaj is dunia ko chhod kar chale gaye to doston hame bhulna nahi chahiye ki is sansar ko chhod kar ek din sab ko chale jaana hai sirf acche karma karke hi isaan marne ke baad bhi yaad kiya jata hai so please help needed people so that creates your on journey through light of keeping your past in world Rip to sashi kapoor

  2. कपूर खानदान मैं एक आध को छोड़ कर सब देशद्रोही है शशि कपूर भी जिन्ना पर फ़िल्म बना चुका है और देश विरोधी बाते भी की है

  3. Great loss of Bollywood …………..An actor like him will never born again, so perfect, so cute, so romantic and so hardworking actor and performer he was……….great director also……We miss him a lot and love him a lot………RIP………..

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