5 W Questions For the Stories of Abraham’s Journey to a New Land and God’s Promise to Abraham

The stories of Abraham are some of the most beloved in the Bible. It’s important that your children begin hearing these stories and learning their truths. One of the best and most proficient ways of reviewing Bible stories with children is by asking the ever famous 5 “W” questions – who, what, when, where, why and how (for extra measure). Here are 2 sets of questions that follow the 5 “W”s along with their answers for the stories of “Abraham’s Journey” and “God’s Promise to Abraham” found in Genesis 12 and 15. You can ask the questions or you could have a nice hand or finger puppet do the asking. Have fun!

Questions for the story “Abraham Goes to a New Land”

1. What did God tell Abraham to do?

Answer: Go to a new land.

2. Who was Abraham supposed to leave?

Answer: His father and people.

3. Where was Abraham supposed to go?

Answer: To the land God would show him.

4. What kind of nation would God make Abraham – big or small?

Answer: Big.

5. How old was Abraham when He left home?

Answer: 75

6. Who went with Abraham to the new land?

Answer: His wife Sarah and his nephew Lot and his helpers and his animals.

7. What was the name of the new land that they were going to?

Answer: Canaan

Questions for the story “God’s Promise to Abraham”

1. Where did God ask Abraham to look at the stars?

Answer: Up in the sky.

2. How many children would be in Abraham’s family some day?

Answer: As many as there are stars in the sky. Too many to count.

3. What did God say he would give Sarah’s wife?

Answer: A son.

4. What name were Abraham and Sarah to call their son?

Answer: Isaac.


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