Bizarre News – Star Wars Rebels Rex and Season 4 Release Date?

In this video I discuss some interesting news updates about Captain Rex, and the release date of Star Wars Rebels season 4.

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32 thoughts on “Bizarre News – Star Wars Rebels Rex and Season 4 Release Date?”

  1. Absolutely! Episode 1 of The Clone Wars saw Yoda talk of the clones as individuals, seemingly setting up the arc of the series, only to have the story of Anakin and Ahsoka overshadow this. I'm so over the idea of a "chosen one" or the Skywalker legacy. I think that the clones, especially Rex, Gregor and a few others (RIP Fives) teach us more than even the Jedi! I sometimes wonder if this is the direction Disney are heading; less about the Jedi and the With and more about the actual people of the Universe. Rogue One did an amazing job of showing how normal people can do both great and terrible things all the while believeing it will bring peace. The true heroes are those that stop the fighting and focus on progress, no matter how small. Rewatch every death scene in Rogue One and you'll see that moment of clarity in each character. The path of non-violence. That is the moral of Disney's story. Sorry, got off topic. Clones FTW!

  2. I really wish that he isn´t that guy, rex is such an awesome character and a main one that from the beggining I thought that he was going to die in an big way just how the big character should die, when he came back to rebels I thought that he was going to die in hands of vader by trying to make something big againt the empire, that would have been a so much more fitting end to this character at hands of his old jedi friend, than just making him a background character that doesn't even speak

  3. I want Vader to fight Rex and Vader loses his light saber and Rex get 2 shots off but runs out of ammo and Vader tells Rex that he killed Aniken and Rex gets filled with hate tackling Vader punching him in the chest over and over but than Force push away Vader then get a hold of his light saber and tell Rex "I did not just kill him I am him" then then the seen then cut off on Rex's eye in shock as we do not know the fate of Rex does he join Vader or get kill because he knows to much if it was up me I thank I would like Rex to died fighting like the solder he was meant to be.

  4. I would like more references to the clones as well as the others that fought in that war. There is so little out there on the many that fought on both sides. The PT makes it appear that the Separatist army only consisted of droids, but as we see in TCW series, that's not the case at all. Sentient beings from many systems sided with each side in the war. We don't learn anything of what happens to those vets and sympathizers either. A New Dawn is about the best reference we have yet on the clones post war, unless there is a comic that addresses this that I don't know of. It may not be very exciting to most fans, but I think it seems very weird that throughout the OT and now the ST there seems to be nobody around that remembers anything before just a few years earlier. In the OT anyone over 30 or so should remember the days of the Clone War and the time of the creation of the Empire and such. Yet it's as if the Empire is all they know and it has been around for a hundred years or more. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I hope it spreads around.

  5. I don't think they will kill a lot of characters by the end of Season 4, but I bet some will be disenfranchised and go their own ways. Perhaps Kanan and Hera will start a family and leave the fight to raise their kid in the outer rim. I think Sabine will become a major leader in Mandalore. Zeb is totally going to die, and Chopper will stay with the Rebellion. But Ezra? No clue. Then again, Yoda said "The Last of the Jedi, you will be," so how will that work out for Ezra, Kanan and Asaoka?

  6. Actually the tweet was taken down because people said if Rex was the Rebel Commando, then they were whitewashing him. This is because the commando was a white actor and Rex is not.

    Overall, I'm guessing it was planned for Rex to be in RoTJ, but the plan is now potentially axed because of this controversy.

  7. I think it's really October because I think that's why forces or destiny is again a few episodes because for season 3 episode 16 we had to wait a month and I think that waiting for that 2 episode is worth the wait.
    And maybe there is a preview of that episode on that date.
    Sorry if my english is not good.

  8. I would love to see Rex actually be that character in ROTJ. It would be so cool to see a character from the prequels hanging around for that long.

    So I LOVE IT when I read about clones in any of the canon material. There was also a Clone Trooper named Kix who was alive in the sequel trilogy era thanks to being put into carbonite. That story was in that aliens and creatures book that collected a couple short stories of characters from TFA. Also, in the current run of Vader comics immediately after ROTS they are starting to phase out the clones. Giving the clones duties such as taking inventory of Jedi ou,tposts. By the time of Lords of the Sith, most clones that are still in the Empire serve more as officers and less as actual front line soldiers.

    I think that IO9 did get the date right for September 23rd. Season 3's release date was on Sept 22, so it would seem to fit into that pattern. Great video man! You are crushing it staying on top of the latest news!

  9. I think the release date is accurate .. I don't think Disney does not want Rebels playing when The Last Jedi comes out !!  unless season 4 is like season 3 where they play half the season take a 2 or 3 week break and finish up ! at the least we know one thing about the mighty Captain Rex !  he does NOT die in season 4 of Rebels , haha Only R2D2 and C3P0 will be in every star wars movie !

  10. Question of the day: I'm not really interested in that. There might be many possibilities and options for Clones after their duty: Pilot, Smuggler, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, other duties for the Empire, settling down. I could imagine many things in that direction but notthing really worth making an entire movie/series/book about it. They could mention some Clones in side stories or as cameo or features but generally more content would only be fan service for upset TCW fanboys/-girls who can't go on with their lives (maybe a little overexaggeration but their agenda is so annoying somedays).

    About the release date: As we definitely know the fourth season will only have fifteen episodes (like season one). Starting at a point of time when seasons two and three (each with seven more episodes) started would (from a mathematical point of view) mean less episodes per timeframe compaired to the two previous seasons. And they already had skips of several weeks between some episodes. It wouldn't make much sense to start this early if they want to split the season (as usual) in two halves between the years 2017/2018.
    But who am I to judge…..

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