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Actor Sunny Deol, one of the great actors of Bollywood, has once again become in the spotlight due to his statement about Shah Rukh Khan. Let’s tell you that actress Sunny Deol, who is a ghadar in the Bollywood film industry, whose audience of the films is still crazy even today. Sunny Deol, who has met with every actor in Bollywood, has met her rhythm. And every actress shared the stage with them. As of now, Sunny Deol is in the limelight because of her film Poster Boys. In this film we are also going to be seen along with Sunny Deol, his younger brother Bobby Deol and actor Shreyas Talpade.

During the promotion of this film, Sunny Deol told a story that she has not forgotten the Aaj Tak. This thing is done during the movie ‘Darr’. There were also big actors like Juhi Chawla and Anupam Kher in this film. But Sunny Deol became very angry with Shah Rukh Khan and director Yash Chopra due to the film. Sunny had said, ‘I did not know that the makers glorified the villain in this way. ‘Sunny said in his statement,’ People like my films. I love Shahrukh Khan’s work very much. I just had trouble with the makers of the film that they made Villain so glorified that Villain became the hero of the movie. This is 25 years old but now I trust the makers completely.

Let us tell you the way in which the actor, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpard’s film ‘Poster Boys’ had released the poster in the past, after which it has released its trailer, including Sunny Deol-Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade’s flirtatious moaning. For the first time, Sunny Deol’s perfunctory style. Tell me that Sunny Deol, her younger brother Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade starred in the movie ‘Poster Boys’, whose first fad poster was also released. Actor Bacha Deol is also very excited for the film and in her upcoming film Bobby Deol’s upcoming movie Poster Boys, her elder brother Sunny Deol is also an important figure.

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