BREAKING NEWS – Star Wars “Starship” Resort Hotel Experience Being Designed for Walt Disney World

Disney is surveying guests about a possible Star Wars resort hotel experience at Walt Disney World, which would take place on an “actual” Star Wars Starship…

The survey is not being conducted by Disney, but rather by a contracted third party through The survey includes concept art and many details of what the experience would be like, which can be seen at


23 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Star Wars “Starship” Resort Hotel Experience Being Designed for Walt Disney World”

  1. I really like this idea. I am glad they are including the food and admission tickets, if the price is around what was said on the video. If it doubles… I am out. I can pay more and get a 7 day disney cruise with Star Wars Days. Don't mess this up Disney, this has potential!

  2. oh my gosh I cannot wait I cannot wait to go there I'm excited I'm very excited you know I God can do amazing things that he's never done before so all I want you to do that is to give him praise and give him glory give him the hand clapping give him praising the most high God and the Shout

  3. Wow, completely loving this whole concept design, the photos are breathtaking, and I'm not even a big fan of star wars. I think this is something everyone will enjoy, regardless of age or sex. I've never seen a scifi/futuristic themed hotel resort before let alone an immersive interactive experience to go along with it, this is EPIC, I'm really impressed with Disney lately. Robotic droid butlers? Out of this world A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This is why I love Disney, they go out of the box and present us with something imaginative and creative. They're like the Dubai to America. I hope to see them create more themed hotels, for example an ice castle hotel from Frozen.

  4. I hope it's better then the failed Star Trek Vegas hotel which in my opinion failed huge because it didn't keep the theme going in the hotel. The hallways should stay theme based and the hotel rooms themselves should be themed to the hotel theme. Common areas like restraints and bars and such should be similarly themed as well.

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