Deadpool 2 Actor up for Nightwing in the DCEU

Lewis Tan recently met with DC about an upcoming live action project, and while many thought it was for a TV show, it actually was regarding the planned Nightwing film.

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44 thoughts on “Deadpool 2 Actor up for Nightwing in the DCEU”

  1. He will not be cast as Nightwing, whenever someone talks about playing a character 100% of the time they never get cast. Because Tan spoke of this I can 100% confirm he will not be cast as Nightwing but he may be cast in a smaller role as a martial artist, I think he may even play Ras Al Ghul. I also don't want an Asian Nightwing, if they want to cast an Asian then let them portray Ryan Choi, The Atom. Brenton Thwaites should honestly play the DCEU version and DC should let the streaming service connect with the movies, that would be perfect.

  2. Nothing against the cast… but it seems like it's really hard to find an actor with Romani (gypsy) heritage. Nightwing is half Romani in the comics.

    An actor with Romani heritage would be Jesus Castro. He's Spanish. And he looks like some versions of Nightwing

  3. Marvel Actors joy DC again that sound interesting I would mind it but I did look forward to NightWing , I would kind NightWing come before Core members of Justice League Batman . And for me NightWing movie should be shooting already at early this year if Warmer Bro want to build up DCEU , will Deadpool 2 Actor be DCEU NightWing I would mind it . But the question are who will be the villains for NightWing uhh Mr , Free like Batman And Robin style oris going to be Deathstroke ?

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