Disney Spanks EA Over Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy | News Wrap Up

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Our title story today is on Electronic Arts… again, because Disney has been instrumental in EA turning off microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Tarmack’s Game Industry News Wrap Up covers the following stories this week:

00:05 Skip To: Disney Calls EA, EA Shuts Off Microtransactions In Star Wars Battlefront 2
01:28 Skip To: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Wins Golden Joystick Award For Best PC Game of the Year
02:10 Skip To: Gamestop Delays Power Pass Program
02:48 Skip To: Multiple Government Agencies Investigate Loot Box Gambling Connection
03:25 Skip To: Blizzard And Valve Expand Currency Choice For Buying Games
04:17 Skip To: Entertainment Software Association Pushes To Avoid Accessibility Requirement In Games
05:11 Skip To: CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have No Hidden Catch Monetization

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46 thoughts on “Disney Spanks EA Over Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy | News Wrap Up”

  1. I need to post a correction to the video. The Entertainment Software Association accessibility requirement waiver is not seeking a permanent decision, rather is simply the final extension requested. That story is relatively minor, and could effectively be struck from the video. Please accept my apologies.

  2. GameStop corporate never tells us anything beforehand. They just spring things up on us without a word which doesn't give us enough time to get familiar with new programs. It's no surprise that employees don't know what's going on until a guest brings it up first. Happens all the time.

  3. There is a gaming REVOLUTION to save gaming from gambling implementations taking place now. This is the time to take action and to save games from corporate greed. Vote with your voice because we do have one and especially vote with your wallets and bring back what made gaming great in the first place.

  4. If something I have learned in this life is that people complain about anything… One or two popular persons agree on an opinion that the XYZ game sucks and everybody follows blindly to do and say the same thing. People are moved by trends… like if they are some sort of animals acting by instinct. Use your reasoning. The game contains double of the content you found on the first one; one of the best graphics and gameplay we have seen in current generation consoles, all future content, characters, maps, etc. will be free, and yet people complain and say the game is terrible because the grind in the game to get a stupid gun is to much, and you need to pay for them…. That is just ridiculous!

    Same thing happened last year with COD IW. One of the most underrated video games in history. The game was hated with the reveal trailer that did not even show any gameplay. The best COD campaign in COD history with a great flow, not a single load screen, great acting, the best graphics from all COD, best movements and actions…. How can you say a game is terrible because jet-packs, and running through walls in Mars is not what you want….. again, acting like animals. Two or three popular people agreed on the opinion of boots on the ground and quickly a trend was created; hated without reason. Now COD WWII is having more online problems than with any other COD game, with content copied from other games, lots of load screen between missions, and content that looks like from a game of 2010 and I have not seen a sane reaction to that. Again… trends…. like animals.. "this is popular… lets jump to the current".

    Now reviewers like GameSpot, IGN, and other popular Youtube reviewers are acting like politicians… saying only what people want to hear. When the COD IW thing happened, a lot of youtube reviewers that gave a good score to the game removed their videos to prevent the stupid hate from people. That is something people do not talk about… This is now happening with almost all popular franchises. I bet that no matter how good God of War, The last of us 2, and many other AAA upcoming games will be, the same crap will happen… people will ignore all the goods things about the game, recline over a little flaw and overreact about it. THIS IS THE NEW TREND!!!!

    That is why I do my own unbiased reviews. I do not trust these reviewers anymore

  5. Dream Daddy got awarded for anything?! Ok, that's it – i'm done with those hypocritical western critics or whatever they are. Japanese (and inspired by them western) VNs about innocent first love, mystery and adventure get the "worse than porn" treatment, but a one-note-joke exclusively fetish-driven rubbish VN-wannabe gets an award? Nope, done.

  6. I don't think for a second that Disney didn't know(and condone/encourage) exactly what EA was doing. The reason Disney chose EA to handle Star Wars is that EA is almost as greedy and corrupt as Disney itself. The only saving grace here is that Disney has been around long enough to be afraid of bad press. Expect them to continue pushing degenerative business practices in the future. And just look to copyright law if you want to see how much Disney cares about consumers.

  7. EA stays on the shit-list, as does everyone who says "doesn't affect gameplay", because that's so not the damn point. The point is scientifically tested, designed and proven extortion in the same spirit as, and often the same methods as, gambling and other addictions. Screw all so-called 'microtransactions'.

  8. Reminds of that episode of Futurama where Fry seemingly became a mutant. They went to the surface with their demands and included something like the blood of the first-born just so they have something to give up during negotiations.
    Now imagine EA coming out a few weeks from now saying that lootboxes you buy with real money only have cosmetic stuff in them. They likely won't, but this is what I thought would be good analogy to that episode I remembered. Ah, good times! The episode of course, not EA's… business practices.

  9. "Temporarily" not scrapped, removed, gone or a hundred other synonyms, just temporarily. The second the controversy dies down and enough people have bought in EA will turn the loot boxes back on. Perhaps they will even tweak the system just enough for it not to be a pay to win shit show.

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