END OF SEASON! 🎪🎭🔮 This is an important part of…? | Star Stable News

This week is the last episode in this season of Star Stable News!
The Circus has gotten both a visual upgrade, as well as completely new quests!
Upon entering the game we will now be greeted by an all new summery and adventurous loading screen!

We highly recommend you watching this episode until the very end…

HAPPY SUMMER wishes from Matilda and Ylva ❤️️

Psst! Make sure to have your notifications on, so you don’t miss out on other adventures during the summer!

The bugfix release notes from May can be found in today’s newspost:

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49 thoughts on “END OF SEASON! 🎪🎭🔮 This is an important part of…? | Star Stable News”

  1. I have an idea for this Wednesday's update: When you create your account, you get to pick names that Star Stable put it, but, what if you want a name as the didn't put in? As for me, I wanted to be called, first, "NovaStar Prescot" (Prescot from the Spirit Riding Free.) Now I want to be named: "Daisy NovaStar, Prescot".
    It'd so cool if you create your OWN NAME! Right?


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