FIRST Solo Premiere REACTIONS – Star Wars News Explained

Solo a Star Wars Story premiered yesterday by a handful of select individuals from the ‘press’ to make a spoiler free tweet about the film. In this video I’ll be reading those tweets out for your convenience.
I personally think Darth Maul will be in the film as Ray Park was at the premiere, however that’s just a wild guess that could be completely wrong.

Are you excited for it?

Thanks for watching and may the force be with you!!!

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42 thoughts on “FIRST Solo Premiere REACTIONS – Star Wars News Explained”

  1. Not excited at all. Im so upset with how Kathleen Kennedy has taken Star Wars and forced her political views on it. Its been tearing the Star Wars community up. As much as I love Star Wars I will not be seeing this movie and I encourage others that feel the same way to not watch these new movies.

  2. You can't use Rotten tomatoes audience score for TLJ. It has been proven that a lot of those were bots from angry cry baby kids. It's just not accurate. Only a minority dislikes it and a few of them took someone elses opinion and made it their own since they can't think for themselves. The fucking youtube tabloid nonsense where people shit on movies they liked just for views and money.

  3. Don't go see the movie. If we want anything to change, we have to speak the same language as Disney and that language is financial. Kathleen Kennedy is driving Star Wars into the ground by poorly managing the franchise and she doesn't give half of a rats ass about what the fans think or want. She fires directors left and right because they won't do as she says. If we want Star Wars back, there needs to be a change. I know you all want to see this movie badly and so do I, but you have to remember, a theme of Star Wars is sacrifice and it's time for the fans to make one by not seeing this film. The only way Disney will listen is if we give them a huge financial "fuck you". If they continue to make money from the stuff they are making currently, they will continue to make it despite the negative reviews from the fans.

  4. I’ve been against the Solo movie on principle from the day it was announced. They’re gonna ruin the character. The critics know full well that if they give a bad review Disney doesn’t invite them to see any Star Wars or Marvel movie early. That said, this is the one time I will ask someone to spoil a movie for me. If you are correct and Darth Maul does indeed make an appearance, I want to know about it because that’s the only reason I’ll watch Disney mess up Han Solo

  5. I wouldn't listen out for "fan critiques" either, because without a doubt it'll be nothing but hate. This fanbase won't accept anything. I think we should ignore one another and judge the film by ourselves. Opinions are great, so long as they're not ignorant or forced on you, and this fanbase loves trying its best to shove blind, ignorant hatred down its members' throats.

  6. I dont trust any of these peoples reviews. Only watched this video because of the channel. & why would maul be in this film. It makes no sense to have him in this movie. This movie makes no sense itself. I will never back down from saying that this is a waste of time & pointless movie. The time spent on this movie could have been spent on a kenobi or boba or even a hutt/gangster stsr wars movie. They just want to obviously replace the old characters & give us pointless stories that could be made into a comic book

  7. Look at the toys.
    Hasbro recently released a Darth Maul/Qui-Gon figure 2-pack set.
    Lego recently released a Duel on Naboo set and a buildable Darth Maul figure.
    This tells me that Disney is trying to renew some interest in The Phantom Menace because Maul will appear in Solo. Why else would they release 3 toys that specifically focus on him?

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