Galaxy’s Edge Entrance SECRET DETAILS in Star Wars Land! – Disney News Update

We talk the latest Disney News with secret details in the theming of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge entrance in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World! Enjoy the video!

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Directed By: Brayden

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28 thoughts on “Galaxy’s Edge Entrance SECRET DETAILS in Star Wars Land! – Disney News Update”

  1. Hey Brayden great job you do got a question this whole Disney agreement that they got signed with universal is this contract ever up for review or this Disney just have to try to buy the way out somehow. Because Disney has to go forward with this Marvel. All this property that Disney owns all these new characters that they own they have to use them in Florida somehow what do you think is going to be the end game with this whole thing.

  2. Hey Brayden, could you tell us a bit more about this "Disneyland-inspired" theme park that would be coming to Egypt? It's all over the internet but I'm very confused about Disney's involvement in this? Why are they calling it "Disney-inspired"? Thank you!

  3. ALRIGHT this is what I think Disney will possibly do as we are seeing non Disney IPS go away and being rethemed to Disney IPs that leaves us with two attractions tower of terror and RNRC and think we will get a marvel land in that area liek RNRC being rethemed to a iron man and avengers roller coaster like we see in Walt Disney studios in Paris and tower of terror being rethemed to mission breakout or possibly an avengers tower dropride what do you guys think?

  4. So, that was the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge must be the secret entrance of Disney's Hollywood Studios on the other side!

    Because Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge are Coming in 2019 to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando! And since the new Toy Story Land are Opening June 30th, 2018 at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando and the 20th anniversary celebration of Disney's Animal Kingdom park has begun, it was the secret information about the new upgraded version of Fantasmic 2.0 are Re-opening this year at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando as the 20th anniversary celebration of the nighttime spectacular show, "Fantasmic", which is more than the 25th anniversary celebration of Fantasmic 2.0 at Disneyland in California and the 5th anniversary celebration of Fantasmic at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan!

    Because soon, the old Fantasmic show are closing down for refurbishment with the old Maleficent's dragon puppet and it was the new re-imagined nighttime spectacular show, Fantasmic 2.0 (a.k.a. Fantasmic: Legacy) are Re-opening this year at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando with additional new scenes (Including Moana, Toy Story, Monsters University, Finding Dory, Star Wars, Fantasia, Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast (2017 live-action versions), Tangled and more), new sounds and special effects, new voice for Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse, new introduction for Master Yen Sid, who tell the story about Mickey's Dream and……….. the new Auto-animatronic Maleficent's Dragon!

    Over the past 2 decades since the nighttime spectacular show, Fantasmic at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, The Story begins with Master Yen Sid, who tell the story about Mickey's Journey to his dream with Laugh, Fun, Friendship, Fighting and Love! Unfortunately, all Villains have taking over Mickey's Dream as turn into Monstrous nightmare and it's up to Mickey to battle against the villains to save his dreams for the monstrous nightmare and destroy the Maleficent's Dragon, once and for all!

    And Now, it was the 20th anniversary celebration of Fantasmic 2.0 at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando as being upgraded, all along!!

    So, the point is…….. Your secret is safe with me for now!

    Is that correct, Mickey's Views?😎

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