How the Star Wars Rebels Finale Sets up the Future! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Star Wars Rebels ended last night, but it also give us a look at the future of the Star Wars universe, so what can we look forward to? Jessica has final details (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Did you enjoy the finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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48 thoughts on “How the Star Wars Rebels Finale Sets up the Future! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)”

  1. I like how Nerdist somehow completely ignores what the Aftermath novels established as the origin story for the First Order. Sure, there is a little wiggle room Thrawn to somehow appear in the unknown regions the Empire's remnant forces retreat to but I don't think "Resistance" is going to take place entirely within the time the Empire spends in the unknown regions.

  2. Well, Thrawn isn't Snoke. He admitted he doesn't understand the force, and you know he's read up on it in an attempt to do so. He knows it's a thing, he's seen it in action, but he's almost certainly not force sensitive.

    If we get anything involving Thrawn and Ezra, I'd guess they'd reluctantly wind up teaching each other. Imagine a Jedi trained by Thrawn in tactics and strategy, and his superior ability to analyze his opponents and predict their actions. I can also see Thrawn being willing to learn more about the Jedi and their ways, since his one true objective is to protect the Chiss Ascendancy. If one teenage boy can defeat him using the force and less than a dozen allies, and get space whales to aid his cause, surely there's something of value to be learned. They actually have that in common. Ezra wanted his home to live free and in peace, Thrawn wants the same for the Chiss.

    What would be interesting is if he and Ezra and the whales wind up having to face that threat Thrawn is so concerned about. I really, really don't want it to be the Vong or anything like that. Maybe it's Snoke, maybe it's the Sith that went into hiding when Bane decided 2 vs a Galaxy was a way better plan.

    Statistically, there should be millions, if not billions of force sensitives in the Galaxy. Given the size of the unknown regions, and that we know it's the place to go when you're fleeing certain death, there could be Jedi and Sith enclaves isolated out there on the other side of Chiss space.

    As for the rest, I think Luke will meet Ashoka and Sabine, but not until he's far enough along that she'd be of little use to him as an instructor. And she'll still be looking for Ezra, so she won't return with Luke. They should have a good long chat about Anakin though, and Padme.
    I would like to see Hera and Han swap stories at some point – Wedge can make the introductions.

  3. I think Thrawn will be friends with Ezra by the time they find them. So many years most likely alone with him I'm sure they had to work together to survive. I don't think Thrawn would even want to come back to The Empire after Endor but would rather return to The Chiss or at least try to join the New Republic to learn more from them. Everything he learns his people gain and they are going to be a very big part of those 30 years in between.

  4. Filoni has already said Ezra and Thrawn survived. Based on the book Thrawn does not hold grudges, I see him teaming up with Ezra, this is likely what the book Thrawn Alliances is going to be about.

    They will likely head for the Ascendancy, not neccessarily in the book, team up with Eli Vanto and fight against the evils in the unknown regions, possibly the 1st Order as well. Eventually Sabine and Ahsoka will track them down. This could be a very long story arc that covers 36 years and be told in multiple forms of media.

  5. I hope we see Thrawn return to his people, and lead their own resistance in the unknown region, against a developing first order. The emperor did not force him to reveal his own people's bases and the like, but I can see snoke not wanting a powerful military out there. I would love to see them (Thrawn, Commander Vanto, and the Chiss) be part of the resistance or an ally of the resistance, in episode 9.

  6. My theory… Both Ezra and Thrawn where exposed to space when they jumped so maybe, when they were pulled into hyperspace, Ezra tried to use the force to protect himself but inadvertently caused him to merge with Thrawn. Thrawn's evil and Ezra's force abilities combined to form Snoke. That's why Snoke is all scared and broken… because he was injured from the hyperspace jump.

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