Inside Aleppo: the story of Sidra and her family

Every day in eastern Aleppo, rescuers are forced to dig beneath the rubble to pull people out – some of them still alive. This is the story of 9-year-old Sidra: her home was destroyed in an airstrike which killed her parents and two of her brothers.

It was filmed by Hasan Kattan.


19 thoughts on “Inside Aleppo: the story of Sidra and her family”

  1. Who is holding the camera? Member of Ahrar Al-Sham? If these children are in danger, there are 7 corridors they can use to leave Aleppo. That is, of course, if the guys filming will let them go. They will not. They need civilian shields. If there were no civilians left in East Aleppo, it would be taken within a week.
    Instead of complaining to Russia, which is more effective at fighting Islamists than Brits or Americans (who, instead, prefer to arm them), the British Parliament should try to talk to their own pets in east Aleppo, so that they're either escorted out of there, or at least let the civilians leave the war zone. I think the first option is more likely as the second will mean the "rebels" will be exterminated fairly quickly in the aftermath.
    You're not going to get Russia or Syrian government to stop their advance and kill the momentum, so that your Islamist pets can have a breather.

  2. The presswhore junkyard gutter filth that luck around channel 4 don't give a Fuck about middle eastern children. Because if they did how could they have openly supported and given media cover for heart eaters and child beheading, child "jihad marriage" short term relationship abusers who steal aid and sell it to the starving at inflated prices. Those who when first came in to the city poisoned the water table destroyed the old market made a complete mess of everything they came in contact with not to mention the sectarian violence and abuse. This is the humanitarian moderate freedom that the western mainstream media has allied with whilst central intelligence has trained funded and encouraged rats to embrace Muslim Nazi wahhabi death culture on a imperialist crusade against sovereign secularism. Memo to staff SALARY OVER SOUL

  3. Accuse others of the crimes and immorality that you and your terrorist friends are committing, Ch.4 News.
    Meanwhile, your "peaceful terrorists" had killed dozens in western Aleppo with their random mortar shelling on residential areas, on daily basis. But your drone camera is blind, as usual, as always.
    This is a news series now: The story of this, the tragedy of that! The next episodes will be about the suffering of innocent children, and how the blame is going automatically on "the Syrian regime" and "the Russians"! You want to create a "public opinion" to give legitimacy and excuse to a NATO invasion of Syria.

  4. Shame on you Channel 4, for exploiting children for this propaganda piece, which will be used as a call for a no fly zone over Syria. Once respected Channel 4 now banging the war drums for the warmongers in the west! I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

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