January 2018 Star Wars News Roundup

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39 thoughts on “January 2018 Star Wars News Roundup”

  1. Again no mention of Star Wars: The Old Republic, not even in that EA investor news which did cover SWTOR. Please get “Elliott from BattlefrontUpdates” to actually cover “all Star Wars games” or cover them yourself, SWTOR is just as much a part of Star Wars as Battlefront 2 and deserves to be covered.

  2. Wow, see the characters walk up the ramp and all the way in to the cocpit will be great. As u i am very exited about that. See a millenium Falcon Like that will be great. We almost got to see it in The Force Awakens (if u cut some stuff inbetwee) so this will be great. Hope Ron Howard is doing a good job with this

  3. Star Wars is Dead! I will not spend another red cent on any more Star Wars movies until Disney removes TLJ from cannon and apologizes. Knowing this will never happen I am done with all new Star Wars movies… I can only hope that all those that feel the same as I will hurt Disney where it really hurts…. the Wallet.

  4. The Last Jedi is a let down to me because Leia demoted Poe Dameron for destroying the dreadnought that saved the Resistance and its a copy of the Empire vs the Rebels type war which we didn’t want in the sequel trilogy. Poe Dameron didn’t need to be demoted and he did nothing wrong, he had to destroy the dreadnought in order to save the Resistance and we didn’t even want the Republic all gone, we wanted the Republic to fight against the First Order and we wanted a full scale galactic war, not the Empire vs Rebels type of war again in the new film. The next film needs to feature a time machine that takes Rey in the time before The Force Awakens in order to prevent the First Order from destroying the Republic in the first place and keeping Ben in the light in order to prevent him from destroying Lukes Jedi Temple in the first place or something. This franchise needs to go back in the right direction.

  5. Hey Alex! I had an idea for your next lore play when you finish battlefront (if you haven't by the time I post this, I haven't checked) Why not give Republic commando a spin? It's a very fun game with details that I feel would be interesting to explore from a lore standpoint. Thank you!

  6. You know, it’s sad that EA is still going to reimplement the micro transactions into BF2, but it gives me a bit of hope that they’re looking into rebuilding the progression system. The damage is already done, obviously, but they could’ve easily just said “Hey, we’re turning the microtransactions on in a few months” and I don’t think it would’ve caught nearly as much flak as it did at launch, since most of the news sites and channels that caused the controversy to grow so much have already moved on. But I’m holding out a small piece of hope because they’re looking into rebuilding the progressions system. Let’s hope that they introduce cosmetic loot boxes and tie the actual progression to play time, and not have it be that you just get outright better stats. It’s obviously a nuanced issue, but I’m hoping that the suits at EA are going to let the devs do what they want to do and what is best for the game, like they should’ve from the start

  7. Great video, man. But sadly for me; it will be my last. Before anyone draws their lightsabers, let me explain. I have a lot of respect for you, Alex. You were the first SWs channel I ever subscribed to. You and your wife's passion for this franchise are infectious. And am thankful for the content you have produced. But for me; SWs, I have lost a lot of passion. I think TLJ is a mixed bag and truthfully I haven't really been that impressed with the NC. If other people like it, awesome. I am envious of you and am happy. But for me, the franchise has soared past a point to where I can't put a smile and brush it off.

    I will always love SWs, but that hardcore love I had for it is gone. Legends will always be my preferred take on SWs. Overall, I sincerely thank you for being such a positive impact to the SWs community. Even if I didn't agree with you. May the Force be with you, man.

  8. How about some Star Wars tabletop gaming news? Star Wars Destiny Legacy boosters dropped, new game format for Destiny draft set "Rivals" drops this week, Star Wars Legion got it's official release date of March 22nd, New Armada ships launched this week. This doesn't even include the different RPG books coming out. Lots to talk about in the tabletop realm.

  9. We should prove Disney wrong and go see it, I honestly believe we should give it a chance. Unlike Star Wars games since I strongly believe that as long as EA owns the Star Wars game license they will always suck. EA ruins everything they touch and will always prioritize extorting gamers and the bottom line instead fo giving us a good game.

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