MAP CHANGES & ARCADE NEWS – Star Wars Battlefront 2

More news have surfaced regarding the Battlefront 2 patch that arrived earlier today including balance changes to Galactic Assault maps and details regarding future content updates!
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List of all Documented and Undocumented changes in Patch 1.1 for Battlefront 2 from BattlefrontTWO

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36 thoughts on “MAP CHANGES & ARCADE NEWS – Star Wars Battlefront 2”

  1. I really hope that soon Criterion will speak out and tell us what they’ve been working on for offline content. They say that they are listening to us. Flight assault they say will be coming, and that’s fantastic but like many other people here and on other videos, we want more then run run bang bang. Please give us amazing offline maps with objective based content with massive, and epic battles with all the great game modifications we already have, and please included all the new maps that will come as well! Hell maybe even in flight assault they’ll add the ability to fly into the enemy hanger, just as another thought. It’s been to long since we heard from them hopefully that just means that they are hard at work on more offline content, and that it will blow us away.

  2. I need some advice…bow do I get 2880 crafting points fast..I need to get that to upgrade Darth maul to his full u know and also I want to unlock all heros and villians bit they cost 15k credits but that's hard I played this game online for 16 days and I don't have much updated I want all of my heros and villians to be updated to 4 to many people have that already…don't say do space levels because I suck at aiming in space and suck at flying as well..and don't say play as gun people because I suck as gun people in fact I suck at online ok I'm bad at the game and I play the game for 16 days and I'm not any better

  3. The next patch better fixes boba fett for the better this is BS! Best armor in the galaxy but only 500 health! But cotton wearing hero’s have 600 or so! Boba should have more live than Vader or the same but that be unfair with the flying abilities.. but a good 650-700 be fair and a blaster upgrade in power! Than I’ll be fine with the rockets they messed up.

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