MAY 4TH NEWS & SOLO DLC SEASON 2 OPINIONS! Star Wars Battlefront 2

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50 thoughts on “MAY 4TH NEWS & SOLO DLC SEASON 2 OPINIONS! Star Wars Battlefront 2”

  1. Is it just me, or do you think the Han Solo season will have no heroes? I'm getting worried. At first, I'm like: "for sure, it'll have heroes!" But then I said the season name out loud: "Season 2: The Han Solo Season! Featuring Enfys Nest!" I mean, would they really make a season about two heroes, Enfys Nest and Qi'ra, but call it THE HAN SOLO season? Yikes…..

  2. I just hope we get new skins AND new heroes from the movie. If we only get skins that’s gonna bug me. I also really wanna see the Milienium Falcon from the teaser trailers as a ship. I know there are too many light side ships already, but c’mon, it looks so cool.

  3. Happy Star Wars day fireguy! Also yes I'm pretty pissed off that we are not getting clone wars and instead solo that no one wanted! But isn't ewok hunt going to become permanent? But at least I have the Original Battlefront 1 to play for clone wars so my complaining isn't as bad as before for clone wars!

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