NEW Star Wars GALAXY’S EDGE Scenes & Story Details Revealed – Disney News – 6/07/18

We discuss the new hints at what Story Details for STAR WARS GALAXY’S EDGE coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. And also the possibility of real-life Lightsaber experiences in Disney Parks.

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47 thoughts on “NEW Star Wars GALAXY’S EDGE Scenes & Story Details Revealed – Disney News – 6/07/18”

  1. 4:45 i think that for a rock n roller coaster staring arrowsmith redo, they can include agemented reality. if they make rock n rollercoaster a monsters inc or increibles ride, than they could make agemented reality simulate the door factory or the fight with syndrome even better to include a point of veiw as if you are jack jack or mike and sully or mr incredible, or boo, or syndrome, or randell thanit would really enhance this ride big time. so that is my answer.

  2. Actually come to think of it, that once he in a new hole where Luke Skywalker is blindfolded and is trying to cut the ball with a light saber that could be a virtual reality experience in Disney I can honestly see it and he and Hance meant would be why this could be used with lights and sound effects with in the goggles

  3. Hidden mickey at 4:46
    I think a great ride revamp to feature AR would be Stitch’s Great Escape. It is currently unclear what will happen to that ride and AR would add a completely unique experience in which riders would design their own experiment similar to Test Track’s vehicle design. The stitch animatronic could be entirely removed and replaced with the AR experiment that the rider designed. Pre-show would be about creating an experiment, but it all goes wrong and turns out to be more hostile than expected, similar to the original stitch ride.

  4. 4:45 Thank You So Much Jack! From the Philippines here, I guess I'm the only person who's addicted to Disney news, especially in the parks. Augmented Reality could enhance a whole new Disney imagination, developing a whole new world of fantasy and could create a better picture of what the "Disney Universe" could be. I'd like to see Walt Disney Imagineering do it on a sci- fi universe, again Star Wars. But it would be nice to put it into the upcoming Tron Rollercoaster coming to tomorrowland . Like your in the universe itself, like competing or fighting other cyclists. I'd also like to see it in the upcoming Marvel Lands like harnessing the power of Dr. Strange or getting spidey powers within that land 🙂

  5. 4:46 Although I don't think Disney should put a huge investment into AR just because it isn't a perfected enough artform to have that Disney level polish, it would be really cool to have an extention of MDE where one could do treasure hunts to various location to "scan" certain objects and see what's hidden behind or beneath them. Guests could get a short but entertaining visual treat with each one like the luggage scanner in Star Tours.

  6. 4:45 Hidden mickey. As for your question, I can see this in various places around the theme parks. Examples would be you would see Stitch crawling up and down various buildings in Tomorrowland, or you can see Tinkerbell flying around in Fantasyland, and just various attraction/land-related characters in the background. You can use your phone and it could be interactive like a Disney version of Pokemon GO or similar apps.

  7. 4:454:46 I think Disney should use AR by creating holograms where you can interact and communicate with different characters within the land for mission's and other stuff and it would be a great opportunity these holograms not just in the land but in the star wars hotel which would make the experience more immersive .

  8. 4:45 I am a fan of the Microsoft HoloLens and patiently wait the day I can afford one! I would love for Disney to use this technology in the parks to add secret missions that only the guest wearing it can see and perform, including lightsaber fights and hidden characters you must speak to. It'd be even cooler if, at the end of your vacation, you could use a system (like the photopass) to not only send home your video recording, but Disney provided MORE missions for you to complete in your house! It's like taking a piece of WDW home.

  9. Having just done Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom for the 1st time, I was underwhelmed by the "magic portals" that are used to give you a way to interact with the characters. It would be way better to do it in VR, to actually see the charecters life-size in front of you and to cast spells at them. It would enhance that experience to a whole new level.

  10. 4:45 Mickey Stamp – This would be cool technology to bring through out the park, so instead of just having People in suites go meet and greets, have them all be AI and you can talk and interact with them in real time! Have a Conversation with Yoda, Mickey, Ariel, Anna or Elsa. And maybe hop on a Motorcycle Like we had in the old days in front of Markers, that you sit on and it will give you a AI ride around the park on a Tron Cycle! The possibilities are endless… Cheers Jack have a great weekend

  11. 4:46  There have been lots interesting ideas posted and the possibilities for AR are almost limitless, however, the cost of providing headsets to masses of visitors seems unrealistic in the near future.  I can see it being used for specific attractions or experiences.  The first thing I would consider is to use it specifically for guests of the Star Wars Hotel to enhance the "Mission" the guests are given.  As the technology improves and the cost goes down, I expect we will see AR used more widely in Disney and other theme parks.  However, I agree with others who have posted their resistance to AR.  Just as Disney has continued to use traditional 2D animation as well as 3D CG animation, I think it is important to continue to use physical environments and animatronics to bring Disney magic to life in the theme parks.  Hopefully, Disney will continue to walk the line between their traditions, which were very innovative when first introduced, and new technologies as they become available.  Walt Disney was always looking to the future and developing new technologies that could be harnessed for entertainment.  This is a natural extension of his never ending quest to provide quality entertainment using all the resources available and create new resources to make dreams come true.

  12. 4:46. I think the best fit for this technology with Disney is Star Wars/Galaxy's Edge. Other than that, I think this technology should be more utilized by Universal, not only to quit relying on screen-based rides (lol please), but also it would go AMAZINGLY with the Mario Kart ride if they want to execute it the right way.

  13. I can see them using augmented reality in cunjunction with photopass, meet and greets and the disney app. Imagine if they use augmented reality for people to see animated characters throughout the Disney parks and resorts much like Pokemon Go. You could find yourself sitting next to Stitch & Lilo by a pool or see a dancing brooms sweep an area at the Magic Kingdom

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