NEW Star Wars Trilogy Announced! Exciting News! Future Of Star Wars

Lets go over some exciting star wars news!! as a new star wars trilogy has been announced! this is not the rian johnson trilogy for those wondering! this will be a set of films developed by game of thrones creators! This new trilogy / set of films will have nothing to do with the skywalker saga, however could it possibly be an old republic trilogy centered around darth revan perhaps!.


‘Game Of Thrones’ Duo Benioff & Weiss To Pilot New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series

Game Of Thrones Creators To Produce New Star Wars Trilogy For Lucasfilm

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48 thoughts on “NEW Star Wars Trilogy Announced! Exciting News! Future Of Star Wars”

  1. Oh man thats pretty exciting.. Hope its somthing based on a younger yoda or anything from before phantom menace. Maybe even a trilogy on Darth Plaguis or Darth Bane. Man so many possibilities…Cant wait. Thanks for the video.

  2. So we are getting two new trilogies running co-current with each other? Why do I get the feeling Disney are milking the Satr Wars franchise into an early grave.
    I'd much prefer a new Star Wars film every few years instead of this Marvel approach nonscence.

  3. So, Solo movie, part 9, Rain "Satan" Johnsons part 10-12, Obi Wan movie and now Game of Thrones team working on more? Can't wait for the Greedo stand alone film. It's like a mutant being cross bred in a lab gasping with every breath, whispering, "kill me, please, Kill me!"

  4. Excluding my hope to see more Mark Hamill in IX, and my hope to see McGregor reprise his Obi Wan role, I think I am looking forward to this new trilogy more than anything else Disney has announced Star Wars…most likely because it sounds like they are going to put together a story arch and not let each director create their own, movie that is completely disconnected from the others in the trilogy *cough Last Jedi *cough.

  5. I wish they would focus on making THIS trilogy and not fucking it up before prematurely signing on for 6 more movies. Disney released so many marvel movies that everybody stopped caring. I hope they don’t do that with Star Wars.

  6. Meh. The only announcement from Lucasfilm that could get me interested in Star Wars again is the firing of Kathleen Kennedy, the Story Group & Rian Johnson. Oh, an an announcement that they’re actually making a real sequel to TFA.

  7. After what Disney , Rian Johnson, & Kathleen Kennedy have done. I have truly lost alot of enthusiasm for the saga . It's a shame when they have to explain and utterly apologise for how horrible TLJ was. Rian Johnson needs the taste slapped right out of his mouth! Sell out son of a bitch!

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