News Star Wars TV Show Update & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to the new star wars tv show / star wars live action tv series that will be created by John Favreu! There are so many star wars projects in the works right now! we have solo a star wars story and star wars episode 9 coming in the near future and after that a ton of more films and trilogies and even tv shows!.


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33 thoughts on “News Star Wars TV Show Update & More! (Star Wars News)”

  1. Screw disney and having to pay to watch katherine kennedy ruin anything star wars with her feminist social justice warrior bull shit . Episode 7 was NOT a star wars movie it was a feminist bety sue shit fest with no new story line and the characters lacked any likeable qualitys to them . Episode 8 was just flat out stupid kylo crybaby ren sucked , snokes was character was a waste and amounted to nothing even though they tried to make him emporer 2.0 , the only reason guys drooled over rey is because she is cute even though her character lacked any knowledge or force training she was more powerful then Luke who WAS a fully trained Jedi .
    Screw disney with a 10 foot concrete spiked dildo right up its feminist social justice warrior ass

  2. id prefer the GoT guys do Old Republic, in fact its all im interested in with Star Wars now.
    i couldnt give a shit if they do more Disney flavored, market researched pap for the kids as long as they are done fucking with the Skywalker Saga after ep.9 (ofc i know its still gonna piss me off).
    and as long as something for the older fans is done and done well.
    cos right now it feels like they have pure disdain for everyone who grew up loving the originals, cash in on our nostalgia, disrespect it then tell us its for the kids so get over it. how smart was it to "kill the past" when they could have continued to entertain originals fans on a level more suited to their age? lets hope they course correct after the inevitable failure of Solo.

  3. If it’s not the old republic I would like to see something along the lines of being from the point of view of the empire. Kind of showing the good side of them and their views starting like a year after ep III and ending around the start of rogue one.

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