NEWS UPDATE: Season 2 Officially Solo, Arcade Content & May 4th – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Season 2 for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is officially “The Han Solo Season”, full details next week and arcade content is coming this month.
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36 thoughts on “NEWS UPDATE: Season 2 Officially Solo, Arcade Content & May 4th – Star Wars Battlefront 2”

  1. Everyone should legit just stop playing this game for a while. Boycott until clone wars content. I don't even care too deeply about clone wars but literally everyone is asking for it and they're just ignoring them on purpose. They hear you but don't give a crap about it because they know they can get away with it

  2. Hey remember when we thought we would get Season 2 in January?

    EA: Not in January

    Community: Oh no worries, they just need more time.

    EA: Not in February.

    Community: Oh…? Well no big deal, that just means it's gonna be amazing!!!

    EA: Not in March.

    Community: Wow well…. Maybe they are just patching up some things? April will for sure be the release!

    EA: Not in April.

    Community: Ok that's it I'm killing myself.

  3. People need to chill the heck out. CW has it's anniversary not too long after this. Just be patient……… Also the P2W crap and progression system is to be blamed here because that's what killed the popularity of game pretty quick. Plus it takes a ridiculously long time to make new content from scratch. Keep that in mind. Also Disney has the final say in this as they want this dlc to help promote the movie…….. Think like a business, how are you going to make a massive amount of profit? Simple answer is to make ads to help promote your business get bigger and make money. This is similar to how Disney is operating. SO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GUYS PATIENCE IS KEY. (says the guy who has no patience lmao). For real though JUST be patient*

  4. Jesus, if you cared about this game, you would speak up about EA's dogshit, no, not Disney's, EA and Dice. They're should have been more Clone Wars content to begin with. I'm not going to blame Disney for promoting their movie. There should have been a season in between the time the last season and this season came out because this is ridiculous. But because you're a game changer, you can barely criticise them on anything. Complete sell out.

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