‘No Guarantee’ of Star Trek 4 Being Made – IGN News

While Spock actor Zachary Quinto is optimistic about Star Trek 4, he admitted there’s a chance the follow-up film might not happen.

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25 thoughts on “‘No Guarantee’ of Star Trek 4 Being Made – IGN News”

  1. …Let it Die.   The series needs another reboot. I'm sick of the gritty characters, lens flare, and lack of doing anything in actual space!  Actually no need for that. Since the new movies take place in a alternate timeline/dimension, we just return to the 24th century and pick up with a crew lets say 20+ years after the events of Voyager. Poof we can forget they ever happened, because they didn't. At least not canonically.

  2. I've never been more baffled by people loving a movie than I am with Star trek Beyond.
    I thought it was absolute trash! I'm not hating on anyone who loves it, by the way, I just personally despise it. What I want to know is WHY people love it. I saw very few good aspects of that film.
    Although this is coming from someone who loves Into Darkness…

  3. Lets get to Star Trek 6, I wasn't a big fan of old Star Trek films or tv series but this series is nearly as good as Star Wars now in fact I perfer these 3 film over the last SW Rogue One which I found somewhat boring. No rebooting Trek yet as I got a bad feel it will go back to its old lame version without Abramas insight ✌

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