Padmapriya on Rape Accused Actor Dileep’s Reinduction to AMMA | The Quint

Padmapriya was one of three actors who wrote to the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) for an emergency meeting, after the association reinducted rape-accused actor Dileep into their ranks.

Video: ANI, The Quint
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6 thoughts on “Padmapriya on Rape Accused Actor Dileep’s Reinduction to AMMA | The Quint”

  1. Has the misconduct or misrepresentation been proved in the court of law. You said that this not a media trial. What do you think you are propagating on social media. Why this haste. Did not see you or Amala supporting ur Telugu colleague Sri Reddy. Why this double standard.

  2. Felt as if she has by hearted the whole speech and said it infront of the camera😏 I don't support either Dileep or Bhavna, but accusing someone before they are not proven guilty is not at all fair. And I really wonder that, after all these drama that has occured in these few months, why didn't Bhavana come infront of the world and admit of being harrased. Why is she hiding inside the court room..? There are so many actresses in other industries too who had gone through the same, for eg; Kangana Ranaut. She has come infront of the whole world had admitted of being harassed or being in a relationship. I think Bhavana would have gained more support if had done something like that…!!! It's just my personal opinion..!!

  3. Do not care for the survivor PSHH- One poser of a feminazi, She portrayed dileep as though this has been proved in the courts, The prosecution still couldn't produce evidence. These handfull Actresses are even seeking women justice.
    Dileep rose quickly in the malayalam Industry, There should be enough detractors.

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