Secret training base for Ukraine’s militias – BBC News

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An armed militia group in eastern Ukraine has given the BBC exclusive access to its training camp. The BBC’s Panorama programme has been following the commander of the brigade since the start of the conflict.

He has gathered a forced of more than 100 men at a secret base close to the Russian border.

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42 thoughts on “Secret training base for Ukraine’s militias – BBC News”

  1. Жаль этих людей. Невозможно весь мир превратить в Россию. Мир интересен тем, что он не только русский, но и украинский, польский, немецкий – разный. Когда-то мы помиримся и будем сожалеть, что многие погибли из-за глупой русоцентристкой идеи.

  2. Russia is a huge country with only 143 man ppl. There is enough space for everyone. Those who want to live in Russia, should move there. It's getting rediculous. There are many Ukrainians living in Canada, so, according to this messed up logic, they can announce Toronto (huge Ukrainian population) part of Ukraine:)

  3. Когда сегодня был нанесен по этой базе на границе ракетно-бомбовый удар было уничтожено 150 колорадов. Но на базе постоянно проходило обучение от 300 до 500 диверсантов. Вопрос – где остальные девочки?

  4. i really hate to see what happend to crimea, i mean how will russia react if we estonia wanted some of russias proporty and said like russia did on crimea("dah we just hold ellection) thats just wrong you just can.t say we want that place its like the germans did in ww2 that the russians are doing now, lying and feeling there poor russian people with lots of propoganda, and yes russia is corrupt, in a normal democratic country the limit year of presidency is 8 years and putin is and hes hmm 14th year wow thats not really after the book but as i said in a so corrupted country as russia i think there are many spots and hole in the book sadly…

  5. no logic. they fight to be united with country where protests and referendums are forbidden. if they would attempt something like this in russia, they will be completely  eliminated and not give interviews to BBC.
    BBC i am deeply disappointed and ashamed of how you present peoples in this programme. do not glorify those who kill the civilians and oppose newly elected president.   Shame on you! BBC  supposed to be neutral! why do  i pay the licence fee!

  6. I am getting really tired of listening to people blame Obama for their homeland conflict.  If supporting an elected government that you barely know  in  a situation that you probably do not understand, because you have enough of your own problems on your own doorstep… geesh  do I need to go on….He has nothing to do with it and probably does not want anything to do with it.  They are damned if they do and damned if they don't !

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