Some LEGO Star Wars 2018 Sets Revealed! – Brick Show News

We get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets in 2018! General Grievous, mace Windu, and Jawas are on the docket, with many more to come soon! Subscribe for the latest news updates!

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48 thoughts on “Some LEGO Star Wars 2018 Sets Revealed! – Brick Show News”

  1. At least we get to see 3 Jedi that never even appeared until 2013 where they released the AT-TE Walker with Windu and Trebor appearing in the set. And Master Mundi in the 2001 set where he was also included in the Geonosian Starfighter with Commander Cody who is also a rare figure, I think they should put up another set with Commanders Fox, Ponds, and Cody because it's very rarely that I see them.

  2. I heard they still had a ANOTHER battle pack! I think it was the Clone and Jedi Battle Pack which contains 2 clone gunners (the new version like the one in the republic fighter tank) and 2 Jedi, mainly Masters Ki Adi-Mundi and Coleman Trebor, like the Jedi who Jango Fett shot during the 1st Battle of Geonosis.

  3. I'm very disappointed that LEGO is still doing these stupid microfighters. They're like Funko Pop figures – they look terrible because they're trying too hard to be chibi, and they force the figures to fit in them. I would much rather the early 2010s mini starfighters came back – the ones that came with planets. I LOVED those things.

  4. it's weird to get a set like a-wing vs tie silence just few months after release of kylo ren's tie-silencer and 1 year after latest a-wing sets … unless it's gonna be different one … but I don't think so is there that possibility while it's still a TIE SILENCER.

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