Star Citizen Universe News August 22nd

Star Citizen News Highlights direct from the Star Citizen Universe!

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Music from Star Citizen by Pedro Camacho and the Foundry 42 Audio Team
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7 thoughts on “Star Citizen Universe News August 22nd”

  1. Well, it seems they offered 3.0 gameplay to visitors today on Gamescom. Now, can somebody explain to me how suddenly 3.0 is good enough to be presented to some random guy in Germany and it is not good enough to be presented to backers who wait for it for like 9 months and who had payed for it actually !!?

  2. Great work. Love the smooth and non-manic narration. Especially look forward to the many ways you incorporate yourself into the game world. Priceless. And informative. Do keep up the good work and please don't listen to any complainers on the RSI site and keep posting these videos there.

  3. Loved the content. Audio mixing could use some work. (the segment about the bases was a bit too low compared to the rest of the video) I also have a question inspired by the burn down videos. (While I doubt RSI would create Pay-walled docu-videos, they would probably offer them for free) Would you or would you not view and present
    pay-to-view (aka exclusive content) as you do the free content?

  4. Thanks for the video mate. Nice and relaxed presentation of what is in SC atm and a little bit of hype about the upcomming gamescom. that $400 (+ 21% extra for European tax brings it close to $500) is waaayyy out of my league. And I think 90% of the players wont have that kind of money laying around.

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