Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Huge News Update! Is it Good or Bad or Both?

Huge news for Battlefront 2! Today we discuss the future content and what the developers had to say about the future seasons of Star Wars Battlefront 2!

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22 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Huge News Update! Is it Good or Bad or Both?”

  1. One other problem is map rotation, in starfighter assault, the map order is always kamino-ryloth-resurgent-d'qar-fondor-endor, every time i join a match i get ryloth or kamino then the outer rim/star destroyer map… My other main concern is the lack of modes and like you guys said not much clone wars content, also there is some inbalance like how the "disney era" has no bombers, whereas the clone wars and galactic civil war do, then again the resistance bombers would be almost impossible to fit in without them being OP or horrible.

  2. I was thinking, should grievous ever make it into the game that he'd have the ability to curl into a sort of ball, and cover himself in his cloak, kind of remain dormant and off the radar to let enemies pass by to get the flank, anyone else thinking alike?

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