Star Wars Battlefront 2 SAVED! Or Is It? – The Know Game News

EA has made a HUGE change to Star Wars Battlefront II by removing microtransactions… TEMPORARILY. Does this mean they’ll be fixed going forward? Is the game worth buying now?

Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger

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49 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 SAVED! Or Is It? – The Know Game News”

  1. A game should be about gameplay and progress should be about gameplay. EA has gotten this so wrong it's just unfathomable. The thing is that we as consumers seem to actually fall for microtransactions in the mobile world and also in console gaming earning the publishers a ton of money – it's hard to say goodbye to that. Vote with our wallets is all we can do as consumers. But will we? We do seem to be doing so right now but how will it be in a couple of month's time?

    I think Micropayments, DLC/Season passes, always online, lack of single player modes is the straw that breaks my gamer's back and I tend to focus on single player games these days.

  2. If you don't like microtransactions tied to progression we've gotta send a clear message to the games industry. Nothing less than a full boycott of all EA products will change anything. EA says these microtransactions are here to stay? Show them that their company is not.

  3. And to think that before this fiasco, some people would question me whenever I say I just don't support that company no matter what. Do you see this crap now guys? The company has ALWAYS been absolute garbage. I'm not supporting those dipshits. You people that criticized me are absolute dopes.

  4. My guess is they will wait some predetermined amount of time for the average player to "significantly progress" in multiplayer, then drop in the micro-transaction with little done to the actual system, and claim it is to help new players "catch up."

  5. Nope, nope, nope, nope. time to boycott EA and Dice. Screw them they are dead to me!!. All they are doing is trying to boost sale for the holidays and then when everyone has the game, it becomes a pay to win again. And why is no one pointing this out to the U.S. government that EA is promoting kids gambling??

  6. I only believe this happened because of the bad publicity happening just before the release of the movie and how this could be misread by some in the public as the movie being bad. It sucks I was really looking forward to getting into this game for the Christmas but am in a tight spot I'll just go for codwwii. I was torn between this and nfs payback but man have they tanked in the review department

  7. This is what I hear in this: "Let's take out the microtransactions temporarily so that people who were not going to buy the game because of them change their minds and buy the game, then reinstate them conveniently after the refund window with minor tweaks so that they either have to buy in to the model to remain competitive with players who don't care about blowing more money in game, or give up on a game they just purchased"

  8. You can farm easy achievements for credits in arcade mode. I was able to unlock the Emperor in less than an hour. Farming achievements is where the money’s at. That said the achievements are finite, once you got the easy ones it’s back to the grind. Got all heroes and villains unlocked over the weekend.

  9. Overwatch is the perfect example of lootboxes done right, I've played the game since it came out and have never paid for lootboxes, they're easy enough to unlock by playing the game and after the amount of gameplay I've got out of the game I would be happy to buy a bundle if I don't get the right skins after an event.

  10. I am STILL holding off from buying the game, because the lootbox/pay2win microtransaction removal is, as they stated, "temporary".
    The progression system being luck-based – your character only improves if the RNG god gives you the stuff you want in the grind-only lootboxes – is kinda bad also.
    It would be OK to have a mixed approach – characters level up and improve on use, and you can also mod them with cards. But rng-only, meh.

  11. FYI update from the UK Gambleing Comission to me on lootboxes being gambleing and affecting the younger generation: "What you are describing is what is currently known as social gaming and under the Gambling Act 2005 this would only be defined as gaming or a game of chance (and therefore have to comply with the relevant legislation set out in the Act) IF there is a prize of money or money’s worth. Loot boxes only result in a player winning virtual prizes; If this cannot be exchanged for money or moneys worth, then they have no monetary value, and so would not meet the definition of a “prize” under the Act, meaning that no gambling has taken place. We advise that this kind of promotion does not fall within the regulatory remit of the Gambling Commission as it is not based on the fact that you are playing for the chance of a prize, each participant receives a mystery item." – Also advised to talk to my local MP and that they are monitering the tech developments on this. There was nothing in the message saying i couldn't share it or that it was private so…

  12. ok, ok, ok, here is serious question about gaming: is gaming a form of sport?
    why i ask? well, couple of reasons, but most prevelant being that if they are, that could give gamers solid ground to be AGAINST anything pay-2-win
    see, if games are sports (especially online games), having p2w elements to it could equal giving referee (which in this case is game itself or developer) bribe. which in turn is ALREADY illegal across world

  13. While EA is incredibly stupid for how they're structuring their microtransactions, I really worry about loot boxes in general being classified as gambling on a legal level. What does that do to something like, say, hearthstone, or other CCGs? Would there just be no more card packs and you have to buy all your cards with gold flat out? I feel like half the appeal of card games is trying to make the best strategy you can with the resources you have available (in online CCGs anyway, where the system can match you against people with roughly the same quality decks. IRL its just straight up whoever has the money for the best deck 100% of the time) …and that brings another question… are TCGs in general gambling? In IRL card games the cards you get from packs have actual monetary value you can resell! I totally agree companies need to be reigned in with the whole microtransaction business, but a blanket "Gambling" classification sounds to me like its either gonna be so vague as to not be effective in the best case, or so broad that it has a lot of unfortunate consequences in the worst case.

  14. Got the game Friday, played the campaign and a few hours of multiplayer, unlocked BOTH Vader and Luke. No issues. Great game, loving every minute. I hope that when transactions come back it will be cosmetics though, not game play.

  15. This is still a win IMO. Even though EA Dice will most likely bring monetization back in the future, a lot of us drew a line in the sand and said "this is going too far", and we brought about change; even if it is short lived. The fight against microtransactions is still ongoing, so we need to stick to our guns & keep up the preassure on exploitative practices like these. That means STOP buying this game & defending this $hit people. Throwing money @ EA Dice helps no one but the corporate @$$holes who were trying 2 screw us all over.

  16. somebody needs to give a hand to the community of battlefront gamer for pushing in the back of ea to have a conquest mode put in battlefront 2 you have a big channel and the means to do it and reach a lot of people so please do it and begin to push and fight for it. That game needs a conquest mode but ea and dice are completely ignoring the community on that one so we need help from a big channel that can reach lots of people and that begins with you. Thanks in advance

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