Star Wars Episode 9 Exciting News Of Lando Calrissian & More! (Star Wars News)

Today we go over some star wars news for star wars episode 9 by jj abrams that comes after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson. This film will bring a return of characters rey and kylo ren and a tons of new characters as well as some returning ones. Today we go over an update for billy dee williams in star wars episode 9 as lando calrissian and lando’s return. These past days we have been going over some star wars episode 9 spoilers..potential spoilers involving kylo ren and other characters, but landos return is something many fans deserve.



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45 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Exciting News Of Lando Calrissian & More! (Star Wars News)”

  1. Why would you believe Lando has a big role in Episode IX? What evidence makes you believe that? The last I heard, Billy Dee was physically unable to participate. Not just because of his weight, but other physical problems. Like he can barely walk. Sure, they made Mark Hamill lose weight and grow his beard to leave him out of The Force Awakens.

  2. I could hear General Purple Hair, I mean Kathleen Kennedy, says that, "Hey, this is Billy Dee Williams! You old Star Wars fans will buy a ticket of Episode Nine, right? I never had any plan of bringing him back into the franchise, but now Carrie Fisher has gone, and I have no choice but to comply. That's why he won't have much time to get in shape. But still you guys would buy a ticket, right?"

  3. It doesn’t matter how much weight Billy Dee loses, the powers that be won’t give him a great part. Hamill lost weight and they still made him look like a hobo and layered him under tons of flowing robes, smocks etc. Abrams will only bring him back to kill him off in 10 minutes. It would blow people’s minds if we found out that Finn is Lando’s son and then gives him the Falcon to carry on the tradition. But there is no way that Kennedy would let that happen.

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