Star Wars Episode 9 Revolutionary Technology Coming! & More (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9, the film in which takes place after star wars the last jedi. It will be directed by JJ Abrams and will start filming the end of July! Today we have a nice update for the film. Could this perhaps be used to create a force ghost obi wan kenobi or other force ghosts?? or maybe for a new character when it comes to this new tech.


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25 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9 Revolutionary Technology Coming! & More (Star Wars News)”

  1. I wonder if Han and chewie escape from being in a mud (rainy) environment since Han, wanting to be a pilot, is relegated to mud trooper. Here he rescues chewie from enslavement which brings on the life debt and he finds his true calling of being a pilot in the smuggling trade. As a member of Dryden vos gang he proves himself as the best and after Jabba has vos killed he tells solo he now works for him. End credits

  2. – luke on the island (except yoda scene, see below) was either a locally projected hologram or an imposter/actor put there to screen people who found the map
    – luke w/yoda was actual luke, being frustrated that anybody who gets to the island isn't who he is looking for and yoda just reminds him of the goal behind this idea
    – so, luke is still alive and at the true jedi temple in the outer rim
    – this explains why the luke on the island was not so powerful or came across as weak

    – similarly, snoke did this trick in the throne room to "complete ren's training" and make him think he is the most powerful, to free that shackle. snoke goes back into hiding (btw, snoke=plageius)

    – scene with luke in true jedi temple and force ghosts of yoda, windu, etc discussing whether they think snoke has been truly killed, but likely not because they didn't feel it in the force

    – meantime, X years have passed and rey has gone off to train, fin thinks it is back on the island so he goes to get her for the next big battle
    – instead, he finds the luke projection/imposter who treats him similarly but finn passes the initial screening and the imposter directs him to the true jedi temple (where he will be trained by luke and others who survived the kylo destruction+ghosts),

    – fast forward Y years and finn leaves luke training, swearing to keep it secret; luke+ trying to set a trap to reveal if snoke is truly still alive or not

    – … TBD,

    – rey and finn start to fight snoke and ren, but are barely holding their own…then, door opens and luke appears "I've finally found you snoke, today, there is no more running away and hiding"
    – huge battle ensues
    – luke, rey, finn, snoke and ren in a crazy lightsabre battle lots of force moved/etc; eventially luke force-pushes finn and rey into a escape pod and launches it
    – luke fights snoke and ren alone for a bit, then does a crazy force thing where he absorbslighting attack uses it to dissoves in a flash of light and envelopes ren and snoke, causing huge force explosion

  3. avatar 2009,
    a disable earth man is only successful in love and life only after he undergoes a species change operation. NEW revolutionary computer tricks. and that basically was the whole story and its means of deployment. can be had for a dollar at any thrift shop.

    Casablanca 1942
    a very complex-ed weaving of lives, where one man has to let go of the dead past so that another man might live to see the future and the torn hearted woman they both orbit. some of the most amateurish laughable special effects ever. but double triple AAA's for exceptionally great story line and dialogue.

    yes, some will go n see a flix just for the FX. Thereafter, the movie loses traction.
    But why are so many futuristic millennials turning to the old classics?
    gee could it be for a great story and dialogue?
    and this is from a 20 per center who supposedly doesn't appreciate good movies that Disney dismisses… I guess dismissing can go both ways…

  4. This is how SW E9 should finish… The scroll starts and we see that 10 years have past and a mysterious plague has affected all of the men of the SW galaxy. But hope remains with our hero's Rey and Tico because Poe and Finn are affected by the plague. The plague makes men act like whiney little emo brats. Rey suspects Kylo of unleashing this debilitating disease on the men on Republic worlds. Leia succumbs to the disease because she was a strong (in a manly sort of way) woman in the OT. Hoping to find a cure, Rey and Tico set out on an adventure to save all the men. She enlists all the help she can get… Rey calls on Wonder Woman, She-Ra, the Valkryes, Little Mermaid, the female Thundercat, the Pink Power Ranger, and the most powerful of them all… XENA, PRINCESS WARRIOR! With the group assembled, they set off on a plan to destroy the dasterdly Kylo and Hux. Force Ghost Luke appears to offer help but Rey says "No Thanks" to his help, she will do this with her own team. The team infiltrates the First Order base and then … Xena single handedly kills every evil person in the base except Kylo … Rey conducts a new force power called … Force Fatality on Kylo and makes him explode just like in Mortal Kombat with just a thought.  The galaxy is saved by Rey and her SJW team extravaganza! Please feel free to comment, or make suggestions on how to improve Star Wars Episode 9

  5. Hey Mike just sitting here thinking about the cloaked binary beacon and the trilogy long plot hole that comes with it. So they’ve been looking for this map to Luke Skywalker the entirety of force awakens. Then in the last Jedi Leia reveals the “cloaked binary beacon” to fix the small hole of how are they going to find us, only to basically render the entire plot of the force awakens pointless. Anyways I hadn’t seen anyone else do a video on it and wondered if you might make one. #suggestion

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