STAR WARS HOTEL Location Revealed for Walt Disney World – Disney News – 4/3/18

We discuss the latest News and Rumors about the Star Wars Hotel coming to Disney World, and the location of the Star Wars Hotel as revealed by a Permit Filing for Project H.

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45 thoughts on “STAR WARS HOTEL Location Revealed for Walt Disney World – Disney News – 4/3/18”

  1. 3:01 The obvious way to go is a Hogwarts Express-style ride, themed to provide the experience of shuttle travel (possibly in a Lambda-class shuttle like the Tydirium from ROTJ, or an upgraded Lambda like Kylo Ren uses in the recent episodes). I don't know if I'll ever get to stay in the hotel, but on behalf of my 7-to-8-year-old self who remembers when there was only one Star Wars movie, I'm glad it's going to exist.

  2. When we visited Disney on a trip last summer, I noticed the green track going across the road. I originally thought it was part of Toy Story Land… maybe something to do with Slinky Dog or Green Army Men. However, that track has nothing to do with Toy Story Land because it goes directly into Star Wars Land. I think that this track is for some type of "train-like" ride that will be themed just like the hotel. The windows will be digitally modified to show space/light speed into the park. If they want to fully immerse you in a different place, they are not going to let you see the outside world as you enter the park. I think they will most likely do a shuttle or monorail-like station within the hotel to transport you.

  3. 2 ways of access.

    1) have a mini ride like x wing or something jumping through hyperspace. to travel underground and get there quickly.

    2) have a "space elevator/moving walkway" to move people across.

    also could just have themed closed walkway showing history and behind the scenes too if they don't want to go the expensive route but still make it immersive. i.e. add blueprints for star wars machines and tools lining the wars, stories of characters, etc.

  4. I think the main reason for the door unlock feature in the app is because of how many door access problems they have had with the magicbands. This problem has not been seen with park entry or fastpasses. I know that I've had many times that a member of my family or I have not been able to get into the room due to magic band room issues.

  5. 3:01 it should totally be some sort of underground subway type vehicle that when boarded, feels like you’re in a spacecraft and as you’re going from the hotel to the park it makes it look like you’re going through lightspeed! How dope would that be! Such a good opportunity to use lightspeed too. And yes, similar to the way the pulled off the hogwarys express at Universal!

  6. Hey Jack, I'm not going to go through all the comments to see if this has been pointed out, but… there has been new aerial imagery posted to google. If you look, they are moving the entrance to Hollywood Studios. Currently you enter the park off of World Drive. They are building a new exit and road to the parking lot off of W. Osceola Pkwy. This will eliminate the road between the new construction and the park, "moving the fence" and putting the current road "inside the park".

  7. I fell the my Disney experience key for the doors at the hotels is a bit pointless as it is easier to unlock your door with the magic bands say if you had your hands full with luggage or bags etc than going into your pocket unlocking your phone opening the app and then unlocking your door with your phone 🤔

  8. 3:01 I think they should transport guests through a gondola where the cars looks like spacecraft. This will make it cool for the guests traveling in the road underneath as it looks like there are spaceships actually traveling in and out of galaxies edge. from the inside of the car it could have the fake space windows once more so that it seems as though you're flying through the universe into galaxies edge.

  9. 3:01
    I think an overhead walkway would be a really good idea…but the only thing is it would probably have to be an escalator or a ramp or moving walkway since there are wheelchairs or people who have a hard time walking, a moving walkway to get to the overhead would probably be a good way to get up there, plus it wouldn't be a bad design element.

  10. I would imagine the direct entry point to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge from the hotel as like a bus tunnel with stars and galaxies decorating the walls so as you drive through it would be like travelling at light speed. It could even be a walking tunnel, but that's what I think would be cool.

  11. In my opinion everyone should quit speculating the placement of the Star Wars Hotel. Until Disney clears some land and pours the Foundations nobody but Disney KNOWS were the Resort will actually be on the property. For all we know the area is going to be Cast member parking, but had to be permitted because part of the area is wetlands and it is a requirement. Sorry mini rant, but my opinion.

  12. 3:01I think they could take a cue from the hog warts express over in universal. That train is amazing with the magic view windows which are exactly what they are using in the hotel. Create some type of landing shuttle theme trolley to transport you to Galaxy’s Edge and give a true immersive experience of traveling from your ship(hotel) in orbit down to the planet side dock.

  13. 3:01 I'm imagining the hotel set in space wouldn't be right over the planet where all the stuff is taking place, so it would make sense to me to have a quick shuttle that takes you through hyperspace to get to the park. So the stars all blur for a second and then you're there. And making it into a kind of exclusive ride you can only do if you're staying at the hotel is a REALLY good reason to stay at the hotel.

  14. 3:01 I think something very cool would be if they could create an allusion that you are entering maybe like a sand crawler, or one of the rebel transport ships. Maybe have the entrance and exit look like you are entering this huge ship, and they use their Disney magic to create the illusion that you are actually riding on this ship. I think it would be so cool because it would be just an absolute great addition to the theming.

  15. Hi Jack! My family and I love your videos! Found the hidden mickey at 3:01! I think it would be cool if they made like a walking escalator (sort of like at universal) to get from the star wars hotel into galaxy’s edge! To make it more immersive they could make it covered and have space projections and cool lights on the roof!

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