Starco FORBIDDEN? – Star vs the Forces of Evil SDCC 2017 NEWS

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The San Diego Comic Con news continues! This time we have some Star vs the Forces of Evil season 3 news! Star has a new outfit, we get a new clip with Star and Tom dancing at the Silver Bell Ball, and creator Daron Nefcy talks about some Star vs the Forces of Evil fan theories. One of which might upset some Starco fans :p

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33 thoughts on “Starco FORBIDDEN? – Star vs the Forces of Evil SDCC 2017 NEWS”

  1. What if there is some sort of person who can "forge" visions. What I mean by this is that someone can create visions. We all know how Tom wants to be with Star, so this person is going to use Tom to get to Marco, because if he has Marco, he can use him to get to Star. So he/she shows Marco and Star dancing at this ball(of course without the flying) but then tells Tom HE can be with Star, and shows him a "vision" of him dancing(which is the video) and Tom will do whatever the person says. So the person says for Tom to kidnap Marco so star will have to dance with him. And after Tom kidnaps Marco, he leaves and uses Marco to get to Star to make her do whatever this person wants. (This part may or may not be true) and Tom gets his dance, or not….

    We still don't know yet!!!
    They might end up togheter!!! Oh noooooo I am gonna cry now!!!
    Okay, okay… this is just a theory who knows! I mean they HAVE TO be TOGHETER!
    ARGHHHHH!!! FIRST ALISON FROM TEEN WOLF she dies! Kira and Scott end up TOGHETER! And I was hoping for Alison to coke back so that they could break up but NO Alison aka Crystal didn't say yes and now if STARCO doesn't happen I will freaking kill myself!!! (I know! I am overdramatic! But I just always get like this when something serious happens in the movie that diesn't suit me)
    Well…. all I wanted to say was STARCO!!! Change the freaking thumbnail cus we don't know for sure and… hmmmm… oh yeah

  3. Whats the Problem with Tom and Star getting back together?
    Marco has always loved Jackie. He has no romantic interest in Star, he just cares for her as a friend and dislikes people who he assumes treat her wrong.
    Tom doesnt treat Star wrong. He goes though extremes to please her and get her back. From changing Traditions like the blood Moon Ball over trying to befriend Marco to changing the core of his very being. He even tells her that he just wants to know her happy even if he can't be with her. He actually truly and deeply cares for Star and accepts and adapts to her craziness and whims without expecting her to just accept his flaws.

  4. You can also tell it is a flashback through what they are wearing. In blood moon ball, Tom is wearing the same outfit he is in this clip. This show is really big on outfits so I don't think they'd make him wear the same outfit again unless it's for a specific reason. He was probably wearing it again so he could remind Star of when they "fell in love"

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