TOO MUCH Star Wars? – The Know Entertainment News

Game of Thrones’s showrunners just got a very huge new gig — they’re creating the next series of Star Wars movies. That nows makes for three separate Star Wars series in development at the same time, plus other spin-offs. Is this good for Star Wars?


Written By: Eric Vespe & Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Mica Burton & Ben Ernst

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31 thoughts on “TOO MUCH Star Wars? – The Know Entertainment News”

  1. Disney has always been about making money, If stars wars continues to make money for them. They will continue to push the brand, there's a fan base that want to see more star wars movies. Disney is happy and willing to give them their wish for more from the franchise.

  2. With this latest series being announced, I'm edging closer to the "Too Much" camp. I mean, yeah, Marvel does have something similar going on, but this is Star Wars. Also, my wallet can only go so deep! I love Star Wars, but if there's too much story, then it's like getting behind on a TV show. Eventually, a person is going to be disinterested and walk away.

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