Villain Actor, Glamour Actress Married | Latest Tamil Cinema News –

A man’s life can be easily divided into two parts- before marriage and after marriage. There are zillion examples which have shown that a man changes post marriage and that’s why some of them are commitment phobic. Anyways, here is a man who has been part of film circuit since a long time but has been away from marriage.

He is none other than JD Chakravarthy and the buzz is that the actor/director might be walking down the aisle. Apparently, sources say JD had been focusing a lot on his career from quite a while and now he has been advised to consider the possibility of having a life partner.

Right from the start of his career which began with the masterpiece ‘Shiva’, JD has always been different from the rest. He is a true disciple of Ram Gopal Varma and has radical philosophy on certain things of life. Whether this news is true or not, it remains to be seen what Nagulapati Srinivasa Chakravarthy (yea..that’s his real name) will do about it.


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