Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Land Entrance Revealed – Disney News – 9/21/17

We discuss the latest Disney News about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, the new entrance transition from Grand Avenue to the new land. Baseline Tap House opening hours in Grand Avenue and all new images from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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40 thoughts on “Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Land Entrance Revealed – Disney News – 9/21/17”

  1. 4:06 The transition from Toy Story land to Star Wars area would be cool to walk under a Lego Star Wars toy, destroyer or other star wars piece. To Transition from Grand Ave through the tunnel would be cool to have a lighting effect in the tunnel to simulate light speed.

  2. I was hoping that the end of Grand Avenue would be an old-fashioned movie theatre (think Rialto) and be playing a "new Star Wars film" Galaxy's Edge. Then people would walk "into" the movie! Thankfully it seems that Disney is using this idea for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway though..Great video as always Jack!

  3. The Galaxy’s Edge at WDW entrance could be like the a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when Roger & Bennie the Taxi went through a tunnel and traveled from our world to Toon Town, only this time its from the known world to a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

  4. 4:06. I think that they should make a large room (a bit like the haunted mansion) which can fit about 50 people inside which makes it look like you are teleporting to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in a flashing and vibrating/shaking room and makes the experience more immersive and magical.

  5. 4:06 I'd like to see a bridge that changes the theme from one land to the next halfway across like a Toy Story theme changing to a Star Wars planet. It would be cool to have different characters between Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story Land to welcome you to each land. Between Grand Avenue and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge I would love to see a tunnel that looks like you are traveling at lightspeed to enter the galaxy.

  6. Hidden Mickey @ 4:06. I would like to see Disney put a giant screen covering the entirety of the inside curved roof and walls of the bridge. They would play the star wars theme music and on the screen it would show the famous Star Wars Movie Intro with the yellow letters scrolling and fading in the distance. The theme of the intro would read something to the affect of "A new planet has been discovered within the Galatic Empire. Rebel forces and the Empire race to acquire the new planet….". Keeping it short and simple so people aren't staring at the ceiling while trying to walk to whole time. I think this would give everyone a sense that they are stepping into the new world and leaving everything else behind.

  7. 4:08 I think a good idea from toy story land would be to put space themed blocks and toys in front of the entrance signaling the Star Wars theme ahead. They could put little planets and space themed toys, characters, and si much more as you transition to galaxy's edge. From galaxy's edge to toy story land however, you could put some sort of structure that stands out a bit (but still fits in to galaxy's edge) or maybe even a rock of some sort, with a small woody or buzz toy sitting on it to represent toy story land (somewhat similar to the avengers hatch they hid signaling the marvel expansion in DCA) and as you go through, they can put footprints in the concrete and little Andy imprints on the footprints. I feel that these would be quite subtle, but really fun details that excite, and engage guests throughout the park.

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