What The Star Wars Cast Really Thinks of Porgs (Nerdist News Edition)

The Star Wars cast tells us what they REALLY think of the fan favorite Porgs in this Nerdist News Edition!

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31 thoughts on “What The Star Wars Cast Really Thinks of Porgs (Nerdist News Edition)”

  1. I feel about the same way towards Porgs as i do towards Ewoks. Oh wait, no i don't because Ewoks are bad asses who were straight up about to eat the heros until C3PO stopped them, and then they helped save the galaxy. What did the Porgs do? Waddle around and look cute? Oh! And screech like banshees. Annoying annoying annoying.

  2. SPOILERS: leaked scene from Episode IX:

    KYLO REN: Commander, aim the super-duper-mega-blaster-Starkiller Gas-Planet Overhauled Station of Mass Destruction to planet Arch-To.
    COMMANDER: Sir, the First Jedi Temple has already been burned to the ground and all its books have either been destroyed or removed. Luke Skywalker is dead, and there is nothing worthy to be destroyed left there.
    KYLO REN: I don't mean to destroy the Temple, I just f***ing hate Porgs. Oh, and that bovinosaur.
    COMMANDER: Understood, Sir.

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