Aliens & Cryptocurrency a Government BAN Coming? UFO Sightings & Why SETI hates Bitcoin 2/26/2018

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Alien Bros is a team of UFO researchers dedicated to bringing you the latest in alien related news and anything else that seems paranormal with a specific interest in military bases like Area 51 and Kapustin Yar. In this video we discuss multiple UFO sightings caught on tape in both 2017 and 2018. The first sighting we share was originally posted by UFO MAN and it was captured over San Diego California on September 28th of 2017 and it shows multiple UFOS in a cluster like formation. These lights are too large and syched to be drones and look as though they could be all part of one large mothership UFO if they are alien. They could very well be government and something in use by the United States military but as it stands they are simply UFOs. Next we share another UFO sighting that is very similar which was originally posted by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and was captured over Playas de Tijuana Mexico on September 28th 2017 which makes me wonder if just maybe they were the same object spotted in different locations. They are incredibly similar and likely are alien in nature. The multiple UFOs seen in the footage are very similar in both behavior and appearance. They likely are something in use by the United States Air Force or they at least know about them but until we get confirmation we can’t say for sure. After this we share a video again originally posted by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 of a cigar UFO caught on tape over Belarus on February 17th of 2018 and it is definitely a strange piece of UFO footage. I doubt that this one could be government from the way it looks. After that we share an orb UFO video originally posted by UFO Files Chicago captured on February 17th of 2018. Then finally we get into the main news topic of this video and discuss how the government could potentially ban cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Etheream due to a shortage of GPUs. This shortage is making it so that SETI astronomers aren’t able to expand their operations to find alien life. Does this ban have any real effect on the US government? Probably not but if it does then we may very see a cryptocurrency ban coming in the near future. Even if it doesn’t affect the government’s search for ET they will likely still ban it since it can’t be taxed or tracked and we all know big daddy government isn’t going to allow that. If this has an effect on any military technology we will see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies disappear. We here at Alien Bros touch on all topics relating to the alien phenomenon and do our best to make sure you guys, the viewers, get every detail possible. Please support the channel, like, share, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!

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8 thoughts on “Aliens & Cryptocurrency a Government BAN Coming? UFO Sightings & Why SETI hates Bitcoin 2/26/2018”

  1. Cluster lights remind me of that coast guard footage where the boat is being followed. Can hear the beach in the vid as well, which supports my belief that these things are from or currently based in our oceans. The driving footage at first looked like the sun to me until you see it accelerate faster than the focal point. Definitely interesting footage. Good to hear from you again Richard, hope all is well bro.

  2. I believe it’s the sun peeking through the clouds early in the morning or late in the evening with hazy to heavy cloud cover.

    The sun would track like that while driving, and if you look close, you can see parts of the complete sun (globe) during the video.

    My 2 cents.

  3. If SETI put a bit more effort into getting people to join its SETI@Home project via Boinc, it would immediately resolve the GPU problem.
    Also, it appears almost certain that ET is already here on planet earth, which kinda make the current SETI search protocol a bit outdated?

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