CNET News – ‘Star Trek’ tricorder becomes reality
Decades after “Star Trek” made famous the small scanning device that could read your vital signs, the medical tricorder is now ready for prime time. The Scanadu can take everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure to your temperature in just 10 seconds. CNET’s Kara Tsuboi shows us how it works and why the creator wanted to put medicine into the hands of patients.


30 thoughts on “CNET News – ‘Star Trek’ tricorder becomes reality”

  1. I wish more medical people would remember to treat the patient and not the machine. I have asthma and I have to fight to get the Dr.'s and nurse's to treat how bad I feel that I can't breathe instead of looking at the O2 Sat monitor and saying well your sats are 97% so you're find and you can go.

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