Star Trek Beyond Review + Star Trek Discovery 2017 TV series + Live News

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A Movie Review of Star Trek Beyond.
Personal Feelings on the new TV series Star Trek Discovery.
A review of Steve Linchman Volume 1 Comic,
Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield,
Netflix Marvel Shows,
Joss Whedon Directing Black Widow.

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Review + Star Trek Discovery 2017 TV series + Live News”

  1. I watched the Luke Cage series and I'm very sorry to say it mostly Sucked. Watching the first few episodes I could only give it One Star, about half way through I increased my Review to Two Stars, but by the end I was back to One Star. Spoiler alert Jessica NEVER showed up, but the series was so bad that I am glad she didn't.
    Loved Jessica Jones, Hated Luke Cage. I am really sorry they FUCKED it up. If there is a second season I probably won't watch it. It is just too boring.
    Another spoiler alert, the love of Luke's life turns out to be a total back stabbing piece of shit.
    Done now…..

  2. All these chicks are like SUPER into Spock. I would think Chris Pine would be the "hot" one. I guess since I'm not into guys I can't really say for sure, in fairness, but I mean he's a good looking guy with a square jaw, you know? I would think he'd be the most attractive one. But no, every chick like ever has a thing for Spock. I don't get it but hey, that's cool.

  3. I like that Spock and Uhura's romance was NOT in the movies. I had a problem with it in the first place because I don't remember any Spock-&-Uhura action in the original series. They were bridge officers and conducted a very professional relationship. Uhura was a supporting character and in the original series Nichelle Nichols role was both positive and empowering for the time.
    The addition of this Spock and Uhura "romance" is also simply out of character for Spock.
    I understand why it was added to the movie, it adds in some "sexual tension" that is a current requirement in today's zeitgeist, but that doesn't make me want to accept it.

    CBG if you really want to get into Spock-v-Uhura I'm sure there's a subreddit somewhere that you can find fan-fic about them bumping uglies and enjoying long walks on the beach, but I wouldn't feel engaged enough to read a page of it.

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