We are students of the leading Ukrainian universities. A few days ago Russia committed an unprecedented unmotivated act of aggression against our country by bringing troops to Crimea. Putin says he protects Russian citizens and Russian-speaking population of Crimea. But it’s not true! Nobody was neither killed nor injured or imprisoned in Ukraine for their ethnicity or language.

We ask you to help us spread the true information about Russian attack on Ukraine in your country. We ask you to address your representatives at the elected bodies and governments and make so that they exert pressure on the Russian Federation for it to stop the armed aggression and withdraw the troops from Ukraine. We ask about diplomatic and economic isolation of Russia, arrest of bank accounts and abolition of visas for Russian officials, who started a war in the very heart of Europe.

We call for your unanimous and urgent saying “STOP!” to Russian aggression against peaceful Ukraine. Stop Putin now!

Idea, Producer – Ivan Primachenko ( Art Director, Shooting and Editing – Khrystyna Gladka (

Ми – студенти провідних університетів України. Декілька днів тому путінська Росія здійснила нічим не мотивовану безпрецедентну агресію проти нашої країни – ввела війська в Крим. Путін говорить, що захищає російських громадян та російськомовне населення Криму. Але це неправда. Жодна людина не загинула, не зазнала поранень і не була заарештована в України за етнічною чи мовною ознакою.

Ми просимо вільні західні суспільства допомогти нам – поширити правдиву інформацію про напад Росії на Україну у вашій країні. Ми просимо вас звернутися до ваших представників у виборних органах і уряді та змусити їх здійснити тиск на Росію для того, щоб вона припинила збройну агресію та вивела війська з України. Ми просимо про економічну та дипломатичну ізоляцію Росії, про арешти рахунків і скасування віз для російських чиновників, що розв’язали війну в самому серці Європи.

Ми закликаємо вас одностайно і невідкладно сказати «Досить!» агресії Росії проти мирної України. Зупиніть Путіна зараз!


28 thoughts on “STOP PUTIN NOW”

  1. Ukrainians, please be not so suspicious about Putin. Yes he invaded (the Russian part of) Ukraine, but he did it ONLY and ONLY to protect it from the imperialistic EU. (thoroughly corrupted by its elites). You normal people will be better of WITHOUT EU. Trust me, large parts of population are suffering, it is not the paradise as you think it is.

  2. A naive small group of people who speak for all the leading universities of ukrain. Can you believe yourself.
    Choosing for EU will ruin your health and your future. Don't be foolish and do not choose between two bad options. Invent insted.

  3. history repeats..
    in my point of view europe and the usa try to isolate russia with all those sanctions to brake putin's crime in the ukraine. this is comparable to what bismarck has done with france back in 1880~ to prevent germany being attacked by russia and france at the same time after the crimea war from 1853 to 1856 (it worked well until the entente cordiale was founded and the situation escalated to wwI during the balkan troubles (1904 – 1914/1918). And how putin invaded and stole crimea reminds me on hitlers act to the sudety/sudetenland..
    well, in my point of view..
    i so hope the situation will calm down soon and/or the EU and USA can stop putin. russia deserves a better, socialized, more sensible and resonable president.
    #stopputin   #putinmyass  

  4. You students, are keeping your asses in safe Kiev. Go to Donetsk or Lugansk, see what your "brave Ukrainian army" did, see destroyed buildings, schools, factories, see dead bodies of people all around. You think Putin did that? What a stupid world) 

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